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Need Tech Help?
3 KW Tech Resources to Utilize!

1.) LIGHTNING-FAST KW Tech Answers & Troubleshooting:
Scott Le Roy Marketing (5-15 min. avg. response time)

About: KWB's virtual tech concierge team will answer emails within about 5-15 minutes during normal business hours, with answers to KW Tech questions, troubleshooting, training, & FREE tech support. To view a list of all items SLM can help with for FREE visit: (Password: 350)

For Unlimited KW Tech Training by topic visit:

Need Business Cards & Name tags? Visit

2.) IN-PERSON KW Tech Help & Marketing Leverage
JuLeah Designs

Schedule a FREE Appointment

About: KWB's on-site Tech Trainers & Marketing team! Guiding you on implementing the KW technology into your business at a high level for FREE. Available to hire as marketing leverage to create systems & strategically touch your sphere.

3.) Tech Tuesday Time Block  
KWB Training Room & on Zoom
View the Calendar

About: Every Tuesday, join your MCTT's as we dive into Technology to elevate your business & implement systems! Classes on DocuSign, Transaction Management, Creating Designs, Database Management, & much, much more!

Looking for the basics? Here are
the top training videos to start with:

KW Command Overview
Use DocuSign with KW Command
Not Seeing your Forms in DocuSign? Link your NRDS ID.


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