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Access the Do Not Call List

You must first create a profile to access the Do Not Call List

Organization Name: Ballantyne Area Market Center
Organization ID: 143724-64534

Subscription Account Number 10407287-507287-24 (expiration date: 1/31/2025

Here is specific information about how the agents can create a profile and share your SAN.
In order to look up telephone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry you must first have a profile on the registry and then access to a subscription that includes any area codes that you want to search in.

You can use the following steps to Create a Profile for your organization (individual). When you finish the process successfully, your Organization ID, Representative Password, and Downloader Password will be issued to you immediately. They are not sent by separate email.

1. Go to

2. Click on REGISTER under NEW USERS.

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 4.02.13 PM.png

NOTE: Starting April 18, 2024 users can expect changes to the login process, including additional multifactor authentication (MFA) options. The National Do Not Call Registry Telemarketer website is upgrading its login process in compliance with the latest federally required security standards as outlined in the Federal Zero Trust Strategy (M-22-09). For more information click HERE.

3. You will be taken to the REGISTRY OVERVIEW page. Please read the information on this page to get an idea of how the registry works. When you’re finished, click the CONTINUE TO CREATE A PROFILE button at the bottom of the page.

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 4.07.18 PM.png

4. Complete the ORGANIZATION INFORMATION section of the CREATE A PROFILE page. For the Organization Name we suggest that you use your main office's Organization Name plus your initials. Organization Name: Ballantyne Area Market Center [without Keller Williams]  + your initials

An example of this for "John Smith" would be: Ballantyne Area Market Center JS

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 5.47.20 PM.png

(Make sure that you follow all the formatting requirements, such as putting dashes "-" in your phone numbers, and, if you're in the United States, the International Country Code will be "001"). Note: when asked for the Organization's EIN/SSN, that is referring to your information. 

Select the appropriate Organization Function for your organization (if you're going to be sharing the Subscription Account Number (SAN) from your main office, make sure to select TELEMARKETER OR SERVICE PROVIDER (TM/SP). For definitions of the various functions, please go to:

5. Complete the AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE section of the CREATE A PROFILE page.

6. If the information is accurate, click the SUBMIT button.

7. If you have errors, they will appear at the top of the ORGANIZATION INFORMATION section. You must resolve all errors in order to complete your profile.

8. If you clicked CREATE PROFILE, the CREATE A PROFILE - CERTIFICATION page will appear. You MUST certify that your organization will comply with the requirements of the National Registry. If you agree, click the YES button, and then the CERTIFY AND CONTINUE button. If you do not, your registration will be canceled.


9. The CREATE A PROFILE – COMPLETE page will appear. This page provides you with your individual Organization ID, Representative Password and Download Password. You should PRINT THIS PAGE for your records. Be careful, clicking on any of the links on this page will take you away from it, and you won't be able to return, so print before you click. Once you have printed this page, you should close the registry. It will need to be closed so that you can activate the account.

Please take record of Your Organization ID and Passwords (in the example below) - you will need this in the next steps! 


10. You will receive an email from with instructions to click on a link in the email to activate your profile. The email will come to the address that was listed for your Authorized Representative. When you click on the link, you must log in with your Representative password to activate the account. 

Note: If you do not click on the link in the email and successfully log in within 7 days of this date, your account will be permanently deactivated. If you don’t receive the email within two hours, you should contact your local email administrator to make sure that emails from the “” domain are allowed to pass through your server. You should also contact us, the National Do Not Call Registry Telemarketer Help Desk at You will not be able to log into your account until it has been activated. Once you have activated your account you are now registered on the National Do Not Call Registry.

11. Once you have successfully created your profile and can log into the registry (with the login/password receive in step 9 (screenshot above), your next step will be to add the Subscription Account Number (SAN) of your main office to your Clients List.  Subscription Account Number 10397204-497204-23 (expiration date:01/31/2024).
Log into the profile you created and go to MANAGE CLIENTS.
On that page, under where it says Add a Client's Subscription Account Number (SAN) to Your List, click on the link that says “Enter a client’s SAN…”
On the next page enter the SAN and Organization ID from your main office (Printed on top of page), and click CONTINUE.
Then you will be able to use DOWNLOAD PHONE NUMBERS to access data from the subscription of your main office.  Do Not Choose: “Download Full or Download New, instead cursor down and choose 3) Interactive phone number search.

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