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Signing a Contract


Welcome to KW Ballantyne Market Center


  • Please take a moment to review the attachments.

  • This provides information you will need to complete MacroModus & what to expect next.

Business Consultation


Follow this link to Scott LeRoy Marketing to learn about all of the FREE services they offer to get our agents started with Technology!


Check the training calendar weekly for all of our amazing upcoming training, as well as, how to register & attend them. 


Congratulations on joining Keller Williams Ballantyne

We are excited to have you on the TEAM!  This site is your resource to help you become familiar with all things KW Ballantyne and to aid in welcoming you to our Ballantyne Family.

Here is a list of Facebook pages you will want to join.


Internal FB Page for Keller Williams Ballantyne.


KW Ballantyne Strategic Alliance Partners


Charlotte Area Realtor Network


KW Carolina's Region

All businesses have their special words, acronyms and abbreviations. Keller Williams is no different. To help you feel more welcome and to understand what everyone around you is saying - we have put together this dictionary of our Kellerisms for you to learn. 



Still looking for answers? Keller Williams has provided this site to help with the most frequently asked questions. Search the site for articles, videos and how-tos for all things Command.


Training Calendar

Find all of Ballantyne's training opportunities here.

How to Book a Conference Room

KW Ballantyne uses a scheduling software called Skedda to book our conference rooms. You will need to register before you can book a conference room. 

Already registered? Click below to schedule your conference room!

Meeting Room
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